A watch stand like no other

Final sale!

Due to the global economic situation, we have stopped production of the Watchwrist until further notice.

Current stock is sold at discounted price.

For the watch enthusiast with a bold taste.

The Watchwrist is a brand of innovative watch accessories, handmade in small batches in Sweden.

Our first offering is a set of watch holders like no other, made with a combination of modern 3D printing and traditional wood working.

These powerfully designed piedestals provide the owner with a convenient way of storing one or two watches, whilst putting them on display so that you can enjoy your exquisite timepieces even when you are not wearing them.

As an added benefit, these watch holders stand proud on their own, even without a watch on them. They will make a fine interior decoration piece in any home with a bold style and the willingness to think out side of the watch box.

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